Welcome to The First Telugu Annadana Trust in Haridwar. Now you can donate for annadana on your favorite day and occasion through online byclicking here.   ఇతర వివరాలు కొరకు 9927687899 9634717899 సంప్రదించగలరు ..   శ్రీ గౌతమి నిత్యాన్నదాన సత్రం హరిద్వార్ శ్రీ గౌతమి నిత్యాన్నదాన ట్రస్ట్ హరిద్వార్

Our Services

 Our Nityanadanatra Satra wants to donate their energy to the needy. Donors come here and donate on their birthday, wedding day, Pithru and Mother’s Day.

We are Global Non-profit NGO to help peoples To make a better World

What we Do

The first truly Non-profit Telugu Annadana Satra in Haridwar

Nitya Annadana at Haridwar

Providing food for the hungry is not a service, but a ritual practice in our country as a human minimum.

Pilgrimage Services

The trip to Chardham is 9 or 10 days. For details about time travel and rooms contact 9927 687899, whatsapp / telegram 9927687899. Mail: sarmavasu@gmail.com

Accommodation at Haridwar

Pilgrims request rooms by contacting Sri Gowthami Seva Samithi M: 099276 87899. 

Books Donation

We are supplying text books to 60 students of smartha patasalas which spread all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana every year.

Pujas and Cermonies

Those who wish to perform any puja ceremonies   can be contacted our priest Shri K. Surya Prakash Sharma M:96347 17899

Other Social Activities

We also arrange the school fees for about 25 poor students every year. The merit students in engineering and medical colleges are also getting benefit from us every year.

Donation Form

We appreciate your contribution to make this endeavor of ours. “Annam” is considered to be ‘the embodiment of Parabramha’ .

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Become a Donar

Donors can contribute on their birth, wedding, pithru, matru tithis.