Welcome to The First Telugu Annadana Trust in Haridwar. Now you can donate for annadana on your favorite day and occasion through online byclicking here.   ఇతర వివరాలు కొరకు 9927687899 9634717899 సంప్రదించగలరు ..   శ్రీ గౌతమి నిత్యాన్నదాన సత్రం హరిద్వార్ శ్రీ గౌతమి నిత్యాన్నదాన ట్రస్ట్ హరిద్వార్

About Us

Providing food for the hungry is not a service, but a ritual practice in our country as a human..

Please Rise Your Helping Hand


Welcome to our website Heartfelt greetings to all donors …… Today’s Visitors Tomorrow’s donors provide free meals to pilgrims and devotees. We appreciate your contribution to make this endeavor of ours. “Annanam” is considered to be ‘the embodiment of Prabhrama’ in comparison with Parabrahm. Due to rice, our play of life continues on earth. A person can live whatever is lacking in his life but no matter how much rice is missing. So Annadanam is magnificent.

There is nothing better than that. Providing food for the hungry is not a service, but a ritual practice in our country as a human minimum. Haridwar is the everlasting Annadana Satra. What you donate will benefit some others. You can help with building projects. Donors can organize their birth, wedding, pithru, mattu, tidi rozulu in their name.

Pilgrims request rooms by contacting Sri Gowthami Seva Samithi, Nitya Annadana Satra Ramanuj Kot, Suki River Haridwar 099276 87899. Donors come here on their birthday, wedding day, Pithru and Mother’s Day.


Acc. No: 122611100005075 IFSC. AndB0001226
Our Nityanadanatra Satra wants to donate their energy to each and every one of us.

Our Mission

Everyone should be fed and educated properly. Everyone should be fed and educated properly.

Our Vision

Providing food for the hungry is not a service, but a ritual practice in our country as a human..

Our Values

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All pilgrims, who want to visit Haridwar, have to reach New Delhi first. There are several trains from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Warangal to either New Delhi or H.Nizamuddin.

After getting down in New Delhi, one has to reach Kashmere Gate Bus Staion to board a bus to Haridwar. There are too many buses from New Delhi to Haridwar in a day. However, there is only one direct train from Andhra Pradesh / Telangana to Haridwar. The train, with train number 12687 Madurai – Dehradun Express, starts at Vijayawada on every Monday and Thursday.

After getting down in Haridwar, one can hire Auto Rickshaw and reach Sukhi Nadi centre where you can easily find the banner of our satram and enter it.

If you have any problem in coming to our satram, we are always available to you to guide you in coming to our satram.

Founder & Members

We make a difference in the lives of people during a very traumatic time in their life. Meeting their medical transport needs eases their burden.


Sri Gantela Vasudeva Sharma

Chairman & Managing Trustee


Smt G.Padmaja Rani

Managing Trustee


Smt. Vatyam Saraswathi

Trustee Member


Smt S.S.B.Laxmi

Trust Member


Sri Vanguri Lakshmi Ranjan

Trust Member


Sri V Purushottam Dev


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Donors can contribute on their birth, wedding, pithru, matru tithis.